Tea & Chocolate Festival Volunteer Positions


As part of the registration team, you will be obtaining and tearing tickets from arriving attendees, as well as checking attendees for re-entry into the festival. Registration is responsible for managing the flow of incoming attendees and monitoring the front door area. The ticket support position is also responsible for directing media, VIPs, and volunteers to appropriate places or people. Excellent communications skills required. In this role, you will have the opportunity to interact with event coordinators, attendees, and other volunteers. In this front-line position, you will be expected to greet all patrons with excellent customer service.

Coat Check

In this position, you will be responsible for the coat check area. As attendees arrive, you will be taking their jackets, placing the tag on a hanger, handing them a tag, and hanging the jacket. You will also be retrieving and returning jackets as requested. The coat check area can be hectic depending on the weather outside.


As a greeter, you will be handing out program guides, floating and monitoring in a specific area, directing attendees to areas, counting the number of attendees entering and exiting, and providing support where needed. As part of the Greeter team, you will have a strong presence on the floor and will be asked to be aware of security issues such as unsupervised children, theft from exhibitors, and lost or misplaced items. However, you will not be expected to deal with compromising situations. You will need to be well-informed on all aspects of the Festival as you will need to be able to answer any question an attendee has or, if unable to answer the question, know where to find the answer. This position involves interacting with exhibitors, event coordinators, attendees and volunteers.

Exhibitor Support

In this position, you will be assisting exhibitors and acting as a liaison between the exhibitors and event coordinators as needed. The needs of the exhibitors will depend on the products and services that they offer. This position involves interacting with exhibitors, event coordinators, festival attendees, and other volunteers.

Site Crew – Set Up/Tear Down

The Site Crew is responsible for ensuring that merchandise and materials are distributed timely and safely before and after the event. This position can be physically demanding and heavy lifting may be required at times. Your assistance may include unloading vehicles, lifting merchandise, transporting products, etc. This position involves interacting with exhibitors, event coordinators and volunteers.


A floater is responsible for ensuring that everything is running smoothly across the Festival, and may be asked to relieve a fellow volunteer so they may take a break. In addition to supporting the other volunteers, you will be responsible for maintaining the compost, garbage, water, and recycling stations. You will be walking the floor to collect cups from attendees, deliver water from stations to exhibitors, and ensure general clean-up during the festival. This position involves interacting with exhibitors, attendees and volunteers.

Door Prize Supervisor

The Door Prize team is responsible for ensuring that a high level of customer service is maintained while supervising the area. Duties can include displaying items, answering inquires from attendees, door prize promotion, selling tickets, and cleaning. General clean-up involves collecting items and packing supplies. The ability to multitask is an asset. This position involves interacting with attendees and volunteers.

Film Crew (photography and video)

Do you have a passion for capturing great moments through the eye of a lens? We are looking for experienced and dedicated photographers and videographers to help capture this year’s Festival highlights. The images will be used by the Tea & Chocolate Festival for immediate and future promotion. Photo and video credit provided. (*Submission of a resume is required for this position. ** Must provide your own equipment)

Please note: In this position you will be expected to participate in pre-event planning in order to establish the photography needs of the Festival. This will require attendance at one meeting of 2 to 3 hours prior to the festival. If you are interested in this position, please note it in the comments section along with your previous photography experience.