Exhibitor Application Terms and Conditions

1. Every exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate insurance for their own personnel, exhibits and materials against hazards. Neither Show Management nor the building owners accept any responsibility for injury to person, loss of or damage to products, exhibits, equipment or decorations, by fire, accident, theft or any other cause while in the building or its grounds.
2. The Exhibitor agrees to confine his/her presentation to within the contracted space only, and to maintain a staff member in the booth space during Show hours (10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days). No display may be dismantled or goods removed until after the closing hour of the Show on both days.
3. All electrical wiring and outlets shall be at the Exhibitor’s expense. All operating electrical equipment used in the exhibit space must in compliance with Ontario electrical safety standards.
4. Space contracted by the Exhibitor may not be re-sold, transferred or assigned. The Exhibitor may not distribute literature or promotional material from a third party and may not conduct or solicit business outside of the booth(s).
5. Management reserves the right to alter or change the space assigned to the Exhibitor.
6. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all regulations and rules adopted by Management in the best interests of the Festival and agrees that Management shall have the final decision in adopting any rule or regulation deemed necessary prior to, during, and after the Show.
7. Management reserves the right at any time to alter or remove exhibits or any part thereof, including printed materials, product, signs, lights or sound, and to expel exhibitors or their personnel if, in Management’s opinion, their conduct or presentation is objectionable to other Show participants and/or attendees.
8. Show management reserves the right at its sole discretion to change the date or dates upon which the Show is to be held and shall not be liable in damages or otherwise by reason of any such change. In addition, Management shall not be liable in damages or otherwise for failure to carry out the terms of this Agreement in whole or in part where caused directly or indirectly by any cause whatever beyond the control of Management (such as by or in consequence of fire, storm, flood, rebellion, riot, strike, etc.). In the event that the exhibit space to be used by the Exhibitor should in any way be rendered unusable, the Exhibitor shall pay for such space only for the period during which it was or could have been used as determined within the sole discretion of Management. A refund of all monies paid by the Exhibitor to Management will be made by Management in the event that the Show is not held as proposed by Management.
9. Management reserves the right to cancel this contract and to withhold possession of exhibit space if the Exhibitor fails to perform any material condition of this contract or refuses to abide by the Show rules and regulations, in which case the Exhibitor shall forfeit as liquidation damages all space rental payments made by him/her and any further occupancy of such space.
10. Canadian Tea & Chocolate Festival Inc. reserves the right to refuse to sell a booth to any company for any reason or limit the number of booths to particular company may buy at one time.