A brief history of tea in China and Japan

Jean LaRochelle, MA in Anthropology, Certified Tea Tasting/Appraising Specialist, and the co-founder of World of Tea (a tea boutique specializing in directly traded, micro-farmed, bio-dynamic teas) in Ottawa.

Three Life Essentials: Tea, Chocolate and Creativity!

Helene Anne is one of Canada’s leading portrait photographers. She is considered a black and white film master. Out of her Wakefield studio she loves to help people see their greatness, their beauty through her lens. (view this work at: www.portraitsofyourlife.com). In her spare time, Helene Anne mentors people in Creativity, and loves to share her passion on the importance of being creative. She runs a variety of workshops dedicated to this theme, as well as Art of Seeing Workshops that empower.

In this presentation, she will talk about three life essentials: Tea, Chocolate and Creativity! Discover the importance of creativity in your life!

The Story of Afternoon Tea

Outline of presentation:
Social history of how ‘afternoon tea’ began and how it evolved from the Victorian era.
Afternoon tea rituals.
The rules of proper tea time etiquette including a live demonstration.
Audience question and answer as time permits. A draw for two free tickets to the Rockcliffe for an ultimate afternoon tea experience.

Speaker: Gayle Johnston

Owner of Lady Abigayle’s Signature Events, offering presentations on the history of tea, tea-time etiquette, Victorian era topics such as lace-making, clothing, history and language of the Victorian fan and Vintage hat.

Tea Tasting Competition

Feel that you’ve maxed out your skill of tea tasting from all the varieties of tea you’ve had?  Ready to put your tea expertise to the test?  Love drinking unbe-leaf-able tea in support of a good cause?  Then sign up for the Tea Tasting Competition at the Ottawa Tea and Chocolate Festival!

Here are the details for this year:

Suggested donation: $5 with 100% of the proceeds to Make-A-Wish®

Prize: Tea and Chocolate Pairing Box ($50 value, contains chocolate bars and the teas to go with them)

Date and time: Sunday Nov. 3rd, from 11:00am-12:30pm
First come, first served, with a maximum 20 of contestants

-Four single-garden artisan teas will be offered to taste during the blind tasting competition. Contestants will be able to observe the colour of the infused tea and taste.
-Contestants will be asked to identify the tea’s region (India, Japan, etc), category (White, Green, etc) and name (select the name from 30 tea names provided)
-Prize will be awarded to the Contestant who has the most points from answering correctly. In case of a tie, we will roll a die to decide the winner.

Chocolate Tasting Competition

Chocolate lovers, we’ll have a chocolate tasting competition for those of you who wish to impress your friends and neighbors with your chocolate tasting prowess.

Suggested donation: $5 with 100% of the proceeds to Make-A-Wish®⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Prize: Tea and Chocolate Pairing Box ($50 value, contains chocolate bars and the teas to go with them)

Date and time: Sunday Nov. 3rd, from 10:30am-12:00pm⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
First come, first served, with a maximum 20 of contestants⠀
-Four bean to bar chocolates will be sampled
-Contestants will be asked to identify the cacao percentage of each bar
-Prize will be awarded to the contestant who has the most points from answering correctly. In case of a tie, we will roll a die to decide the winner. ⠀⠀⠀

How chocolate is born from bean to bar

Erica Gilmour and her husband, Drew, started Hummingbird Chocolate after careers working overseas in International Development. Hummingbird is one of a handful of bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Canada, crafting chocolate from cacao beans from scratch. Hummingbird focuses on ethically sourcing finest quality cacao beans and highlighting their natural, unique flavours. Hummingbird has won numerous international awards, including the Golden Bean for best in competition from the Academy of Chocolate in London, UK.

Erica will discuss the process of crafting chocolate from scratch, showing some of the ingredients and equipment used in their Almonte factory. She will explore the natural flavour profiles of cacao beans and lead a chocolate tasting of single origin bars.

Olive Oil and Balsamic 101

Have you every wondered what makes olive oil extra virgin? Or what olive oil to use for salads or cooking or certain food preparations? Join Elizabeth Kilvert, Owner of The Unrefined Olive, to answer these questions as well as learn about the basics of Balsamic Vinegar.
Learn about the production, culinary uses, and nutrition of olive oil and balsamic vinegar; it goes well beyond bread dipping and salads. Olive oil for baking, balsamic cocktails for entertaining and so much more!

Elizabeth Kilvert was a marine biologist who is now an Oleologist. Elizabeth launched The Unrefined Olive in Ottawa in 2012. It has since grown into two locations in The Glebe and Kanata Elizabeth is a certified Oleologist, like a sommelier for olive oil, through the ONAOO school in Italy. She loves going to International Olive Oil Competitions to meet producers and taste their wares.When not in her shops Elizabeth can be found on the road at community and food based festivals touting the benefits and deliciousness of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chocolate as daily ritual in our busy lives


Fine chocolate can give us an opportunity to slow down and enjoy flavours and textures in our busy world. We will touch on different ways to incorporate chocolate into our daily lives while also discussing tasting chocolate. Different variations of drinking chocolate will be touched on, as will mindfulness when eating chocolate. Eating chocolate and stopping to savour the joys of chocolate in our daily lives.

Cyndi Clement: Growing up chocolate was always a favourite food of Cyndi’s. There has always been chocolate nearby, preferably no further than arms length. Her love of local everything stems from many years working as a goldsmith. Being a maker has always made Cyndi appreciate small batch, one of a kind, local products, produce and small businesses. While living on Vancouver Island she worked as a chocolatier and became even more interested in chocolate which lead to learning more. Soon after that bean to bar chocolate really started happening in Canada, Cyndi especially enjoys supporting and highlighting Canadian chocolate makers. She loves to share her love of chocolate with others, through tastings, pairings, conversations, sharing chocolate or in the chocolate themed jewellery she makes. You may know her as @CanadianChocoholic and can follow her on IG or visit her website at www.CanadianChocoholic.ca

Herbal flavours off the beaten track

From wild foraged sumac and juniper berries to flavourful native flowers and herbs, this session is dedicated to some of the weird and wonderful wild plants foraged in the Gatineau Hills to make herbal teas. Geneviève Le Gal-Leblanc, of Ferme et Forêt, will introduce you to some unusual wild plants that are easy to identify, grow in abundance, and are perfect for brewing.

Geneviève Le Gal-Leblanc is co-owner of Ferme et Forêt, an ecological farm and wild foods enterprise near Wakefield, QC. She’s a wild forager, herbal tea and maple syrup producer, beekeeper and farmer of berries, eggs, mushrooms and more. She’s an advocate for sustainable wild harvesting and farming, and likes to share her wild foraging skills through hands-on field and forest based workshops.

Tea Infused Cocktail Demonstration