Secrets of Kombucha making ($25/ticket, includes home brew Starter Kit)

Truly a Tea & Chocolate Festival Special: Artizen Kombucha Brewer Sebastien Armand will teach you how to make kombucha at home!

In this hands on workshop you will learn:
– the origins and benefits of Kombucha (fermented probiotic tea)
– how to make Kombucha at home
– step by step visual practice of putting all the ingredients together
– troubleshooting or what can go wrong
– questions and answers

After this workshop, you will come home with your 1 litre starter kombucha with the original SCOBY and organic teas. You will have the knowledge and passion to brew your own!

Short Biography: Sebastien Armand is an entrepreuneur, Chef, Kombucha Brewer, Creative Genius and Permaculture Designer. He has traveled the world learning about food, culture and nature. His current focus: ArtiZen Kombucha is a combination of art, passion and meticulous patience of zen seeing the beverage ferment over time.