Olive Oil and Balsamic 101

Have you every wondered what makes olive oil extra virgin? Or what olive oil to use for salads or cooking or certain food preparations? Join Elizabeth Kilvert, Owner of The Unrefined Olive, to answer these questions as well as learn about the basics of Balsamic Vinegar.
Learn about the production, culinary uses, and nutrition of olive oil and balsamic vinegar; it goes well beyond bread dipping and salads. Olive oil for baking, balsamic cocktails for entertaining and so much more!

Elizabeth Kilvert was a marine biologist who is now an Oleologist. Elizabeth launched The Unrefined Olive in Ottawa in 2012. It has since grown into two locations in The Glebe and Kanata Elizabeth is a certified Oleologist, like a sommelier for olive oil, through the ONAOO school in Italy. She loves going to International Olive Oil Competitions to meet producers and taste their wares.When not in her shops Elizabeth can be found on the road at community and food based festivals touting the benefits and deliciousness of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.