Chocolate as daily ritual in our busy lives


Fine chocolate can give us an opportunity to slow down and enjoy flavours and textures in our busy world. We will touch on different ways to incorporate chocolate into our daily lives while also discussing tasting chocolate. Different variations of drinking chocolate will be touched on, as will mindfulness when eating chocolate. Eating chocolate and stopping to savour the joys of chocolate in our daily lives.

Cyndi Clement: Growing up chocolate was always a favourite food of Cyndi’s. There has always been chocolate nearby, preferably no further than arms length. Her love of local everything stems from many years working as a goldsmith. Being a maker has always made Cyndi appreciate small batch, one of a kind, local products, produce and small businesses. While living on Vancouver Island she worked as a chocolatier and became even more interested in chocolate which lead to learning more. Soon after that bean to bar chocolate really started happening in Canada, Cyndi especially enjoys supporting and highlighting Canadian chocolate makers. She loves to share her love of chocolate with others, through tastings, pairings, conversations, sharing chocolate or in the chocolate themed jewellery she makes. You may know her as @CanadianChocoholic and can follow her on IG or visit her website at